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Author: Kristy Sandler

9 Simple Ways You Can Enjoy Essential Oils

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of essential oils and there are quite a few different ways I use them every day. No doubt you will be familiar with some of these methods, but I hope there are a few new ideas too. There are many other things you can do with essential oils such as cleaning, pet care, pest control and more. But, here the focus is on ‘enjoying’ the aromatic and health benefits of essential oils. Let’s dive in and take a look at 9 simple ways you can enjoy essential oils every day.  ...

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Why Lemon Water Is Good For You And How To Make It Properly

We all know we should be drinking lots of water. But on its own, it can sometimes become boring. Adding fruits and herbs to water is a great way to mix things up. And one of the best fruit juices to add is lemon. Not only does it help to make the water taste better, but it has some fantastic health benefits too. From helping you lose weight to improving digestion, you will notice a positive impact on your body very quickly. And while lemon water is easy to make, there is definitely a ‘better’ way to do it...

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A Simple Sugar Scrub With Coconut Oil Your Skin Will Love

Sugar scrubs are a great DIY skin care product that can be made using only a few ingredients. Most of these ingredients you will already have on hand. Brown sugar is amazing for skin exfoliation and not as harsh as oatmeal or salt. It has smaller particles and as a result its action is gentler on the skin. When it comes to ‘scrubbing’, one key compound in sugar is glycolic acid, a type of alpha hydroxy acid. It encourages cell turnover and contributes to healthy, vibrant skin that looks younger. Coconut oil adds cleansing and moisturizing benefits to the scrub....

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Types of Smoothies – Do You Really Know Them All?

Smoothies are super popular and with very good reason. They are a quick and easy way to get more fresh produce, of all colors, into your diet. They are delicious too and make the perfect meal or snack when you’re in a rush. Since they are so versatile, it’s easy to find smoothie recipes that you love and can enjoy every single day. Let’s look at the three different types of smoothies you can make. You might be familiar with the first two, as these are the most popular. But, the third type, although not as common, is also...

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How To Make Peppermint Oil Lip Balm At Home

This homemade peppermint oil lip balm is my favorite. It is moisturizing, fresh and has a delicious smell. If you have chapped, dry lips it will certainly help, but I love using it anytime. Peppermint oil is a natural ‘pick me up’ that will make you feel…well…’peppy’. So it is great to use this lip balm any time during the day, not only for your lips, but to breathe in the energizing aroma. Although this is a fantastic, refreshing balm you need to make sure it is right for you. Peppermint oil can irritate the skin so it is...

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