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Author: Kristy Sandler

What Is Kombucha and How to Make It

  The fermented tea called kombucha is not a new concoction, but is gaining popularity with people who care about their health. You can find it in just about any health food store, plus many drug stores and supermarkets are starting to carry it. It is also very easy to make at home. There’s a lot to like about this drink and here we’ll take a closer look – what is kombucha, why it’s good for you and how to make it. What Is Kombucha Kombucha is a type of probiotic drink, that closely resembles a tea. Probiotics are...

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5 Ways Lavender Can Make Your Life Better

Of all the essential oils, lavender would be one of the best known, if not THE best known. It is one of the most useful essential oils, is easy to find and has a distinctive, but pleasant smell. Lavender is often referred to as the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of essential oils. It can definitely make your life better and here are 5 of the tops ways to use it. Headache Relief Lavender oil is one of the top recommended natural treatments for headaches. There are many ways you can use it for headache relief. Add a few drops to...

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Best Essential Oils for Warts and How to Use Them

Warts are an ugly and embarrassing condition that nobody likes to see. If you’ve ever suffered from warts, you will know they can also be frustrating to get rid of. Any wart will disappear on their own in time but this can sometimes be a very long time, even years. Like me, you might not be keen to let Mother Nature do her work and wait that long. While getting rid of warts does take patience, luckily, there are some safe and natural ways to help. One of the simplest ways is using essential oils. Here we’ll take a...

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How to Make Honey Water and Why You Should

  Honey water is a drink that you may have heard of and it’s not surprising. This simple, but highly effective remedy is something that has been used for many, many years. For me, it has been a staple in our home that my Mom would always bring out when a sore throat or cold showed up. And over time I’ve discovered that there are plenty of other great reasons to use honey water too.  (If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of honey, click here) The best news is that honey water is easy to make...

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5 Quick Ways to Relieve Migraines Naturally

Prevention is always the best cure, especially when it comes to severe, persistent pain. But, when a migraine descends out of the blue, what can you do? Some migraine sufferers have “auras”. This is believed to be the most common type of migraine. Auras can be visual cues such as spots or blinking lights. They can also include other neurological symptoms such as dizziness and tingling in the extremities. The aura also serves as a warning sign. You can take immediate remedial actions such as hydrating, blocking out light and resting to minimize the head pain. Without the aura,...

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