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Author: Kristy Sandler

What is the Best Oil Diffuser for Large Room Coverage?

Using essential oils for their health benefits is one of the oldest and still most trusted methods of easing anxious minds and soothing ailing bodies. While essential oils can be consumed or applied to the skin, if you want to access the full potential of their healing properties it’s best to use a diffuser. It’s also a great way to purify and cleanse air, adding a fresh and inviting aroma to your home and workplace. If you have a large room or office, some smaller diffusers simply won’t emit enough mist to effectively fill the space. I’ve researched the...

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How To Make A Perfume With Essential Oils

  If you don’t like the strong smell of synthetic perfumes making a signature scent from essential oils is a great option. It’s a lot of fun once you understand the basics of making a perfume and can experiment with all types of blends. Essential oil perfumes offer a more subtle option than store bought perfumes. They don’t overwhelm from a distance but can be enjoyed by you and those close to you. If you are someone who suffers headaches from perfume, then essential oils are a great alternative. Often, these are much better tolerated and also provide aromatic benefits. It is...

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5 Awesome Benefits Of Drinking Green Tea Every Day

  Green tea is a powerhouse when it comes to health benefits. There have been many studies done that outline the benefits of drinking green tea every day and why it is a great idea to include in your diet. The reason it is such a healthy option is the high level of antioxidants and other compounds it contains. These help our bodies by fighting everything from cholesterol to heart disease. Green tea comes from the same plant as black tea (Camilla Sinensis) but is processed differently. This difference in processing is what helps the leaves to keep the...

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6 Best Natural Cleaners To Make Your Home Spotless

  You just need to walk down the cleaning aisle of any supermarket and you can smell the chemicals. The heavy artificial fragrances can be quite overwhelming, not to mention the hidden nasties behind all the labels. Many of these household cleaning products contain an extensive list of known toxins, carcinogens, asthma triggers, and irritants. Despite this, people continue to buy them presuming they work better than alternatives. They are also accustomed to the heavy fragrance used to make their home smell clean. The ingredients commonly used in these products can have negative health effects. These can be short...

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11 Best Home Remedies for Bug Bites That Itch and Swell

  It’s a jungle out there, and no matter where you are, there are creatures great and small that can sting and bite. These bites can range from a minor nuisance to very painful and swollen. There are plenty of ointments, creams, and sprays you can buy to help. But they’re often filled with harsh chemicals that aren’t ideal for your skin or health. Take heart, there are plenty of home remedies for bug bites already in your pantry. If you don’t want to suffer from the bites and want to avoid chemical treatments, these are for you.  ...

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