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Author: Kristy Sandler

4 Natural Spot Treatments for Acne That Get Fantastic Results

Everyone understands the embarrassment and pain of acne. The problem begins for many of us in our teenage years and some outgrow it. However, some of us aren’t that lucky. Treating acne is a cornerstone of the health and beauty market. There are many facial washes and astringent products available to the public. Most of these spot treatment products dry out the skin and can make your acne problem even more noticeable! Adults can have as much of a problem with acne as teenagers, which is understandable because the causes of acne aren’t age related. The top triggers of...

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9 Natural Cleaning Recipes That Will Smell Amazing

  Learning how to make and use your own natural cleaning recipes is a lot easier than you may think. Plus, they cost a lot less than most products you will buy to do the same job. Many of the ingredients used for natural cleaners will already be in your cupboard.  Here are 9 natural cleaning recipes to make that will have your home sparkling from top to bottom.  Plus the addition of essential oils will make it smell amazing.   DIY Garbage Bin Deodorizer Lets start with one of the smelliest parts of the house.  Any garbage bin in...

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4 Best Essential Oils for ADHD That Will Focus and Calm

  ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) affects people of all ages. Common symptoms of the disorder include inattention, restlessness, difficulty concentrating, and hyperactivity. While most of us will experience these symptoms at some stage, those with ADHD experience a higher frequency and duration of the symptoms. Because of this, it affects their daily life, relationships and learning capacity. Even young children can experience ADHD which may have a debilitating effect. There are medications for ADHD, but they have side effects that can be irritating or worse. Some side effects are downright dangerous and include elevated heart rate, high blood...

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5 Of The Best Essential Oil Brands To Try

Essential oils have been used as far back as the 12th century and today have found a renewed popularity. There are many ways to use essential oils including treatment of physical problems, to relieve stress and anxiety or give your home a fragrant and inviting ambience. But it is important to understand that essential oils can vary greatly in quality. To enjoy their powerful benefits it is important to choose from the top rated essential oil brands. The best will rate highly for purity, quality and of course, value for money. Sifting through the many essential oil brand reviews...

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4 Ways To Drink Apple Cider Vinegar You Will Actually Enjoy

  Apple cider vinegar has become a popular addition to many peoples diets. And with good cause. It has significant health benefits that anyone can enjoy. It is a smart decision to incorporate it into your diet on a daily basis. If you want to learn about Apple Cider Vinegar and its benefits, click here for more information. But there is one problem with apple cider vinegar – most people don’t enjoy the taste.  Some people have no trouble drinking straight ‘shots’. But this is definitely not to everyone’s taste and it can also be harmful. Because apple cider...

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