5 best essential oil brands 300pxEssential oils have been used as far back as the 12th century. Distilled from raw plant matter, they can be used to treat a range of physical ailments and to relieve stress and anxiety; all while giving our homes a fragrant and inviting ambience.

Essential oils vary greatly both in quality and how they are used. To enjoy their powerful benefits you will need to select from the top rated essential oil brands. The best will rate highly for purity, quality and of course, value for money.

Sifting through the many essential oil brand reviews can be time consuming and confusing.  To help, I’ve put together a list of the best oils based on these criteria.  All of the brands on this list are top quality and will deliver the aromatic and therapeutic results you are looking for.


Plant Guru

Plant Guru Essential Oils 300pxPlant Guru are praised online for their purity and potency. Their essential oils make the list due to their lasting strength of fragrance and therapeutic grade quality.

Just two or three drops of Plant Guru essential oils is sufficient for long lasting diffusion.  Applied topically, only a small dab or single drop is needed.  For example, apply a drop of Plant Guru Lavender Oil to the temples or your pillow to help soothe any tensions and help you drift off to restful sleep.  Or a single drop to any cut, burn or sting for fast relief.

Plant Guru are available in single aromas, blends, or sample packs so you can try a little of everything and find out what the signature scent is for your home. They’re an obvious inclusion in my search for the best brand of essential oils.

Radha Beauty Essential Oils

Radha Beauty Essential Oils 300pxAnother of the top essential oil brands around is the Rahda Beauty range. These luxurious essential oils are 100% pure and carefully extracted from plant material to maintain the highest level of purity.  The fragrance of quality oils like these is obvious as soon as you open the bottle, put a few drops in a warm bath or add them to a diffuser.

Rahda Beauty’s pack of six essential oils covers the basics and is a great starter kit.  If you’re new to aromatherapy and want to try and see what oils work for you, this is great value for money.

While Rahda Beauty’s range of oils is not as extensive as other brands, they offer a great pack of essential oils, along with larger sizes of some of the most popular oils such as lavender, lemon and tea tree.

Healing Solutions

Healing Solutions 300pxHealing Solutions is one of the best brands of essential oils for healing. They’ve put together some great, aromatic blends to suit every mood and situation.

They have an essential oil blend to ease headaches and jaw tension, one to help you breathe easily and deeply, one to soothe aching and tired muscles, a blend to heal and protect when you’re under the weather, one for relaxation and calming, and a blend designed to ease you into a peaceful, rested sleep.

Each of Healing Solutions’ blends combines high quality, pure essential oils that don’t require an aromatherapist’s knowledge—simply select the bottle that matches your needs, and dab or diffuse your tension away.

Pure Body Naturals

Pure Body Naturals Top 6 300pxPure Body Naturals makes getting the most out of essential oils an easy, mess free exercise. The bottle lids have built in droppers which gives you control over how many drops you want to add to your diffuser, or to get the balance right when you’re experimenting with mixing several together as a blended fragrance.

Pure Body Naturals essential oils are 100% organic and undiluted. Their Top 6 set is the perfect starter kit if you’re new to diffusing oils, or gift for a loved one who would benefit from the healing, invigorating properties of essential oils.

Also included in the their range are larger bottles of popular oils such as peppermint, lavender and frankincense.


Edens Garden

Edens Garden Essential Oils 300pxTo finish off my list of the best essential oil brands is the Edens Garden aromatherapy range.

With a strict emphasis on the freshness and quality of their product, Edens Garden promises to deliver the freshest oil available.  All oils are stored in rooms with temperature control and minimal light.  This ensures the therapeutic properties of the oils are maximised.

Edens Garden oils are entirely pure and unadulterated.  Their high quality is evident in the potency they deliver — one or two drops in your diffuser is enough to fragrance a large room for hours.

The purity of the oils means they’ll do exactly what you want them to. Keep it simple for your basic applications, or choose a blend with confidence that each drop will imbue the right amount of scent.


Essential oils are a great way to purify and cleanse the air in your home and to use as a natural, chemical-free treatment for a variety of physical and psychological ailments.

To ensure you’re maximising your aromatherapy, only use the highest quality essential oils. Look for purity and absence of any additives to ensure you’re only getting the essential oil without dilution or carrier. A higher price doesn’t mean higher quality, so aim for the small sample kits until you know you have the right brand for you.

My picks of the best essential oil brands are high quality products that will meet your family’s healing and purifying needs.

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