Essential oils have been used as far back as the 12th century and today have found a renewed popularity. There are many ways to use essential oils including treatment of physical problems, to relieve stress and anxiety or give your home a fragrant and inviting ambience.

But it is important to understand that essential oils can vary greatly in quality. To enjoy their powerful benefits it is important to choose from the top rated essential oil brands. The best will rate highly for purity, quality and of course, value for money.

Sifting through the many essential oil brand reviews can be time consuming and confusing. To help, I’ve put together a list of the best oils based on these criteria. All of the brands on this list are top quality and will deliver the aromatic and therapeutic results you are looking for.

This list was updated February, 2018.

Plant Guru

Plant Guru Essential Oil Set 14Plant Guru are praised online for their purity and potency. Their essential oils make the list due to their lasting strength of fragrance and therapeutic grade quality.

Strict quality control is assured with every batch of essential oil at Plant Guru. From sourcing through to testing by third party laboratories, the oils are 100% pure, undiluted and free from any additives, chemicals or pesticides.

Plant Guru are available in single aromas, blends, or sample packs so you can try a little of everything which is a great idea. One of their most popular packs contains 14 popular essential oils and is a great starting point for beginners.

Other packs are grouped according to their use which makes it convenient to get a range of oils for a specific need. Examples of these are the Kitchen pack, Weight Loss pack and Respiratory kit.

Their range of synergy blends is impressive as well. Most include names that make it easy to recognize the application for the blend, including Sleep Tight, Breathe, Love Potion and Headache Relief. If you’d like to try a few of the blends, this pack is terrific value.

For their range, price and popularity, Plant Guru are an obvious inclusion in the list of best brand of essential oils.

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Healing Solutions

Healing Solutions 300pxHealing Solutions is one of the best brands of essential oils for healing with a motto of ‘high quality at an affordable price’. They’ve put together some great, aromatic blends to suit every mood and use along with a comprehensive range of single essential oils.

The blends offered by Healing Solutions have been crafted to provide maximum effectiveness, while offering great value for money.

They have an blend for most ailments – ease headaches and jaw tension, breathe easily and deeply, soothe aching and tired muscles, heal and protect when you’re under the weather, relaxation and calming, and one designed to ease you into a peaceful, rested sleep. And if you want a variety of blends, try one of their best selling packs like this one.

Each of Healing Solutions single oils and blends delivers high quality, pure essential oils that come with a Purity Guarantee. Independent quality testing is carried out to maintain transparency for customers.

Plant Therapy

Plant Therapy 14 Essential Oil SetAnother of the top essential oil brands around is Plant Therapy.

Quality assurance is a high priority for Plant Therapy with several testing stages to ensure the quality of the oils. They are first tested organoleptically before being sent to third party laboratories for GC/MS testing. This rigourous process ensures all Plant Therapy products are 100% pure and of the highest quality.

Offering a comprehensive range of single oils and synergy blends, Plant Therapy stand out with their ‘Kid Safe’ products – the first essential oil range developed for children by Robert Tisserand. These oils and blends can be safely used on or around children are clearly marked for easy selection.

A range of Kid Safe kits are available that help to fight specific conditions for children, such as this Wellness Sampler kit with Germ Destroyer, Immune Boom and Sniffle Stopper. There are also roll on blends pre-diluted for topical use including Tummy All Better, Better Than Kisses, Shield Me and No More Warts.

Adults certainly aren’t forgotten with plenty of synergy blends available in bottles or roll on blends. Some of the more popular include Germ Fighter, Relax, Tension (Headache) Relief and Rapid Relief.

Plant Therapy offers some great value starter kits including a popular set of 14 oils (7 synergies and 7 singles). Most of their packs also come in an attractive wooden box that is great for storage and gift giving.

Lastly, Plant Therapy include many less common oils in their range which is why they are one of the top rated essential oil brands. If you are looking for something different, their range won’t disappoint.

Fabulous Frannie

Fabulous Frannie 6 PackThere is a lot to like about the Fabulous Frannie range of essential oils (apart from the name). They supply a range of 100% pure essential oils in a range of singles and blends.

To guarantee quality, all oils are tested by GC/MS prior to dispatch from vendors and supplied with a Certificate of Analysis.

Covering all the basics, Fabulous Frannie is a great range to use for all your aromatherapy needs. In the diffuser, bath, beauty products and more.

Their basic sampler sets of 6 single oils, 6 synergy blends or 5 roll on blends are the perfect starting point for beginners. Synergy blends are available for improving mind, mood and body and include choices like Moody Girl, Protect and Calm Anger.

Fabulous Frannie is a good essential oil brand to add to your collection and won’t disappoint.

Edens Garden

Edens Garden Essential Oils 300pxTo finish off my list of the best essential oil brands is the Edens Garden aromatherapy range. With a strict emphasis on the freshness and quality of their product, Edens Garden promises to deliver the highest quality oil available.

Edens Garden oils are entirely pure and unadulterated while rigorously tested to ensure they meet the highest industry standards. Their high quality is evident in the potency they deliver – one or two drops in your diffuser is enough to fragrance a large room for hours.

The purity of the Edens Garden oils means they’ll do exactly what you want them to. Keep it simple for your basic applications with a big range of single oils (try their top 6), or choose a blend (e.g. Purify, Fighting Five, Stress Relief) with confidence that each drop will do the job.

Also for consideration…

Radha Beauty Essential Oils

Radha Top 8 Essential OilsThe Radha range of essential oils is another top essential oil brand. These luxurious essential oils are 100% pure and carefully extracted from plant material to maintain the highest level of purity.

Rahda Beauty’s pack of eight essential oils is hugely popular, covers the basics and is a great starter kit. If you’re new to aromatherapy and want to try and see what oils work for you, this is great value for money.

Rahda Beauty’s range of oils is not as extensive as other brands, which is why it isn’t included further up the list. But they offer great packs of essential oils, along with larger sizes of some of the most popular oils such as lavender, lemon and tea tree oils.


Essential oils are a great way to purify and cleanse the air in your home and to use as a natural, chemical-free treatment for a all sorts of physical and emotional conditions.

To ensure you’re maximizing your aromatherapy, only use the highest quality essential oils. Look for 100% purity, no additives and no dilution, just like each of the essential oil brands listed above. A higher price doesn’t mean higher quality, and if you are new to essential oils, try one of the small sample kits. Once you find a brand you like (it doesn’t only have to be one), then buy more.

My picks of the best essential oil brands are all high quality products. Try them, you won’t be disappointed.

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