As more and more people are looking for natural alternatives in skin, hair and body care, there is an increasing interest in the role essential oils can play.

These little natural powerhouses have a lot to offer when it comes to skin care. Some of the best essential oils for skin can help with repair, while others are fantastic for nourishing and maintaining a healthy appearance.

Not only are these benefits for your skin, but there is the ‘aroma’ that essential oils bring to skin care products. The way something smells plays a big role in why we choose certain products over others. It also adds to the enjoyment of using the product.

So not only does your skin benefit, but the aromatic influence of can also affect your mood and emotions. A double whammy! This is something no synthetically derived perfume can offer.

Read on to discover the ways essential oils can heal and beautify your skin followed by a list of the best choices based on skin type or problem. From here you can start to benefit by including them in your daily skin and beauty routine.

What Essential Oils Do For Your Skin (and Body)

As our largest organ, the skin plays a major role in health and wellbeing.  Not only is it our largest organ, it is also semi-permeable which means most substances that are applied to it, will be absorbed into our bodies.

In the case of essential oils, the absorption is fairly quick and they will reach the bloodstream quite soon after first being applied to the skin.   From here, they pass into the general circulation and travel around the body.

Essential oils therefore work systemically having an influence on the body as a whole, not just the area to which they are applied.  The benefits to the body go well beyond just the skin.

Because of this, choosing natural based products over synthetics will allow you to pamper and beautify without absorbing toxins.  It makes sense, wherever possible, to use natural products and ingredients, including essential oils on your skin.

Here is a list of what essential oils can do for your skin:

  • Moisturize and heal by penetrating deep into the lower skin layers
  • Heal skin damaged by sun, burns, wrinkles or injury by stimulating and regenerating skin cells
  • Destroy infectious bacteria, viruses, and fungi, such as those associated with acne and other skin p