Warts are an ugly and embarrassing condition that nobody likes to see. If you’ve ever suffered from warts, you will know they can also be frustrating to get rid of.

Any wart will disappear on their own in time but this can sometimes be a very long time, even years. Like me, you might not be keen to let Mother Nature do her work and wait that long.

While getting rid of warts does take patience, luckily, there are some safe and natural ways to help. One of the simplest ways is using essential oils.

Here we’ll take a look at the best essential oils for warts and how to use them.

What Causes Warts

Warts on handThe cause of warts is a virus called HPV (human papillomavirus). It stimulates cells on the outer layer of the skin resulting in a small, firm, hard growth. Warts appear most often on hands, feet, fingers, and faces.

Warts can spread from person to person as HPV transmits by touch. This could happen through contact with someone who already has a wart, or touching a surface with the virus on it.

But, even if you come into contact with the virus, you may not develop them yourself. This is because, not everyone is susceptible to warts. The health and condition of your own skin can have a role to play. Another factor is your level of resistance to the virus.

Warts don’t discriminate and anyone can get them – children, adults, and even the elderly. Most warts are harmless, but some can be painful. For that reason and the fact they aren’t very attractive, most people are keen to get rid of them.

Essential Oils for Warts

9 Essential Oils for Warts