Best Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser Studying 300pxDiffusing essential oils is a highly effective way to infuse the air in your home or office with fragrance.  It also releases their many healing properties to be inhaled and absorbed.

One of the best ways to diffuse essential oils is with an ultrasonic essential oil diffuser.  These use no heat so help to maintain the therapeutic benefits of the oils.  They work by ultrasonic waves that convert essential oils mixed with water into a fine mist.

There are many styles, sizes and designs of ultrasonic diffusers available and below I’ve compiled my list of the best available.  I’ve considered effectiveness of diffusion, capacity and running time, suitability for small and large rooms, and lastly but no less importantly—whether it looks good!

Here is my selection of the best.


Calily Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

Calily Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser 300pxAn important consideration when finding the best ultrasonic diffuser for essential oils is whether it will fit the décor and ambience of your room.

The Calily is small, simple and sleek but keeps pace with the larger and more ornate models I’ve listed. Four mist settings let you choose the intensity of the diffusion, and despite its modest 100ml capacity, the Calily effectively permeates a large room with only a few drops of your favourite essential oil.

This diffuser is completely silent and great for night-time diffusing; enjoy the soft swirls of mist as the Calily soothes you to sleep with its customisable seven colour LED light setting.

Vafee Cool Mist Air Humidifier

Vafee Cool Mist Air Humdifier 300pxThe Vafee Cool Mist Air Humidifier is a great ultrasonic diffuser for those who want to keep it simple yet reliable, and have a large space they wish to purify.

Its sturdy 500ml capacity will cleanse the air and invigorate the senses for up to an impressive 15 hours; with the option to choose diffusion periods of either continuous or 60, 120 or 180 minutes. Choose from seven colours to suit your mood or décor, or simply let it roll seamlessly through the rainbow as you drift off to sleep.

Emitting an impressive amount of mist, the Vafee is easy to refill and clean and its sturdy build is spill proof around children and pets.

EVELTEK Wood Grain Cool Mist Portable Ultrasonic Diffuser

Eveltek Wood Grain Cool Mist Portable Diffuser 300pxSmall, stylish and sleek the EVELTEK is one the best diffuser options for small rooms. While the exterior is durable plastic, the wood grain look is a chic inclusion that makes this diffuser a tasteful décor feature in any room.

The EVELTEK can run up to 10 hours and will automatically turn off if the water is getting low. It runs very quietly and because you can choose from seven light colours, or to have no light at all, it makes for a great addition to the home office or bedroom where light can either be a comfort or a distraction.

URPower 500ml Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

URPower 500ml Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser 300pxThis is both an essential oil diffuser and a highly effective humidifier with addition of an alternating colour night light—if you or your family is unwell, the URPOWER will quickly help you to breathe easier and feel soothed and relaxed. The water capacity is 500ml allowing up to 10 hours continuous use, automatically turning off before the water has run out.

Unlike many diffusers, the URPOWER interior pops out for easy cleaning and its clearly marked water lines means you’ll avoid an overfill spill. Despite its large capacity and power, the diffuser is amazingly quiet and one of the best ultrasonic essential oil diffuser options for the family home.

InnoGear 100ml Ultrasonic Diffuser

InnoGear 100ml Essential Oil Diffuser Portable 300pxThe InnoGear has the same colour options as the others on this list, but also the handy option to choose between bright and dim modes—a feature that means this diffuser can be either a feature or an easy to ignore glow in the room.

You can choose from either continuous or intermittent mist settings, with the latter allowing the small but perfectly sufficient water reservoir to keep working for up to 6 hours.

Perfect for small to medium rooms, the InnoGear is easy to refill and clean, making it one of my favourite ultrasonic diffusers for essential oils.


Whether you’re seeking to make the most of the healing and soothing effects that come from diffusing essential oils, or simply love the subtle fragrance it leaves in the air, you can’t go past an ultrasonic diffuser.

I’ve ranked these as the best ultrasonic essential oil diffuser options because they are all stylish, easy to use and equipped with timer and lighting functions; suited to large living spaces or the cosiest of bedrooms. Each is guaranteed to help you to relax, avoid or remedy the common cold, and to purify and perfume the air wherever you place it.

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