Essential Oils for Love and RomanceFragrance and smell play a huge role in romance. So it is no surprise that essential oils and their wonderful aromas can help to set a sexy mood.

Essential oils have the power to affect all 5 senses. But the quickest way they can have an impact is through inhalation. Breathing in the oils sends a signal straight to the brain and triggers a response.

In the case of ‘aphrodisiac’ essential oils, the response may be romantic, loving or even sexual.

Here we take a look at what essential oils for romance are best and how to use them.  Whether you are looking to start a new romance, improve an existing one or just create some spark, these will help.


What Essential Oils Are Best for Romance

When it comes to aphrodisiac essential oils, there is quite a list. Some sexy scents are well known – rose, jasmine, neroli, ylang ylang, sandalwood – as they are often associated with love.

But, there are plenty of other choices too that can add spice, musk and woody scents to inspire romance.

Below is a starting list of oils to make your “love potion”. There will be some that resonate with you and others that don’t. Pick what works for you (and your partner) and don’t be afraid to experiment.

    • Cardamom – a classic Indian and Arab aphrodisiac.
    • Cinnamon – rates high in studies on sexual scent preferences for both men and women.
    • Clove – regarded as a sexual stimulant by the Egyptians, Persians, Arabians and Europeans.
    • Coriander – the aphrodisiac of the Middle East, Egypt and Palestine. Used in The Arabian Nights as an aphrodisiac.
    • Ginger – it’s hot stuff that increases circulation and gets men going.
    • Jasmine – “Queen of the Night” is a symbol of both sex and love. It can encourage sex and help rekindle fading love.
    • Myrrh – a musky, sexy scent. Used in the Middle East for spiritual and sexual inspiration.
    • Nutmeg – favored by the Chinese as an aphrodisiac. It smells spicy but relaxes and lowers blood pressure.
    • Neroli (Orange blossom) – more sophisticated than regular citrus oils, it has a seductive aroma.
    • Patchouli – the love fragrance of the 60’s with a deep, earthy scent.
    • Rose – a scent that inspires love all over the world. Cleopatra used it to entice Mark Anthony to her bed (and it worked!)
    • Sandalwood – very close to human personal scent. It “heals passions of the heart”
    • Ylang ylang – a sweet scent that can be intoxicating. It is used to treat impotency and frigidity.

​Other stimulating and uplifting oils can be blended with the scents listed above. These include orange, black pepper, clary sage, geranium and bergamot.


Essential Oil Blends for Romance

Blending together essential oils is a great way to create a unique and appealing scent. Below are some romance blend recipes to get you started.

These ratios are suggestions only so feel free to change them to suit your preferences. A good idea is to make up a larger quantity and give it time to blend and synergize.

Romantic Essential Oil Blend - Tonight's the Night