How to store essential oils 400pxYou’ve spent a bit of money on your collection of essential oils and are putting them to good use.  But, are you storing them properly?  This is really important to ensure you get the maximum life from the oils and can enjoy each bottle right down to the last drop.

Essential oils can vary in price for many reasons but some are very expensive. The raw plant materials and extraction process determines the cost of individual oils.  As a result,  some can cost up to hundreds of dollars per bottle.  Even those oils that aren’t quite as expensive to produce can start to add up in cost when you begin to get a collection.

If you purchase aromatherapy essential oils, they should be stored correctly to protect your investment. Their volatile nature means they are subject to degradation if not cared for.  Once they start to deteriorate, the oils will not perform as expected with a reduction in their aromatic and therapeutic benefits.

Below is all you need to know about how to store essential oils the right way.  Taking the time to do this is worth it as you will enjoy the benefits they have to offer for several years.

Keep Them in the Dark

Storing aromatherapy essential oils in dark, glass bottles is the perfect way to help them last as long as possible. Do not use plastic bottles or clear glass bottles for storing essential oils unless you plan to use the oils up quite quickly and are sure you will be finishing your supply in a relatively short amount of time.