Rose for essential oilRose essential oil is known for its rich scent as well as many therapeutic uses. Distilled from the flower petals of one of the most recognizable and also valued flowers on the planet, rose essential oil is a real prize to have in your essential oil toolbox.

From aromatherapy to external applications, rose oil boasts several uses. These can improve your life and benefit your physical and mental health. Below you will learn how to use rose essential oil and why it is a must for your essential oil kit.

Help Your Depression Symptoms

Roses have long been prized for their scent. Their floral fragrance has appeared in backyards and bouquets for many years with good reason.  The smell and appearance of roses can boost any mood.

Latest studies have shown this impressive oil is able to lessen symptoms of depression. It can improve postpartum depression, and decrease feelings of anxiety, as well.

If you are looking for a pick-me-up, then, try adding rose oil to your diffuser. It can also be used in other aromatherapy techniques e.g. massage, to boost those spirits.

Boost Your Immune System

Rose essential oil helps protect against many different types of viruses. This includes those that cause illnesses like the common cold and flu.

Rose oil’s properties include antiviral compounds that can help your immune system resist viral invaders. It is a must-have to protect against viruses of all types.

The floral scent can also elevate your mood when you are not feeling well.

Uses for Rose Essential Oil