Non Toxic Yoga Mat Materials

My foray into yoga is relatively new. In an attempt to help never ending back problems while improving strength and flexibility, I’ve been determined to get the hang of it.

The only problem is, my flexibility is non-existent. This has definitely been a challenge and I am constantly left in awe of what some instructors can do.

Part of getting into yoga and a daily stretching routine has been buying some extra gear and equipment. Apart from the right clothing, a non toxic yoga mat has been my main purchase.

When looking for a mat, I was intrigued by the big range of prices and types. Shouldn’t a mat be a pretty standard, straightforward item?

Turns out it’s not and as a I looked into it further it, I found there is quite a difference in materials used in yoga mats. These range from synthetics through to more natural, non toxic materials.

For me, the thought of going to all the trouble to improve my health and then rolling around on a synthetic chemical laden mat just didn’t make sense. Not to mention the chemicals you can breathe in as well.

If you are interested in a non toxic yoga mat and why it is a better choice, read on. I also suggest a few natural mat options for you.