Plant Guru Essential OilsWhile it is well known that essential oils have many benefits, knowing the best brand to buy is not so easy.

There are so many different companies selling essential oils and Plant Guru is just one of them. They are one of the latest companies to enter the essential oil market. And what I really like about them, is they offer a great selection of high quality oils at fair prices.

Below is our review of Plant Guru essential oils.  We take a close look at the company, products and whether or not they are worth trying.


Who Is Plant Guru?

Plant Guru is a small company based out of Plainfield, New Jersey. They are a young, family-owned business with a passion for pure essential oils.

What they don’t like is the high prices charged by multi-level marketing (MLM) companies that dominate the essential oil market.

“As essential oil users in our personal life we were tired of the multi marketing companies. The prices for a small 15ml bottle were getting ridiculous. Everyone should be able to experience the healing power of essential oils.”

Traditional MLM companies need to charge high prices to ensure everyone in the chain gets a cut. The only person that gets hurt in this process is the average consumer like you and me.

Plant Guru is a new business established i