Prevention is always the best cure, especially when it comes to severe, persistent pain. But, when a migraine descends out of the blue, what can you do?

Some migraine sufferers have “auras”. This is believed to be the most common type of migraine. Auras can be visual cues such as spots or blinking lights. They can also include other neurological symptoms such as dizziness and tingling in the extremities.

The aura also serves as a warning sign. You can take immediate remedial actions such as hydrating, blocking out light and resting to minimize the head pain.

Without the aura, you need easy, quick fixes to alleviate the migraine. Here are 5 natural ways to help you.

1. Dab On Peppermint Oil

Rose and lavender are the popular ones when it comes to headaches – including migraines. But peppermint oil is growing in popularity as it is a “cool” oil that smells fresh and uplifting.

To use it for migraines, mix a drop of peppermint oil with a tablespoon of carrier oil. It is best if the carrier oil is neutral in smell while treating a migraine. Try jojoba or grapeseed oils and apply it to the painful areas.

The clean flow of scent also gets rid of any adjunct pain you may have from clogged sinuses, etc. If you suffer from migraines, keep a bottle of peppermint on you at all times.

2. Sip A Cup of Coffee

This may seem counterintuitive because coffee is often touted as a cause of headaches. But some migraine medication actually contains caffeine. Sufferers have reported feeling better after a cup of coffee.

3. Grab An Ice Pack

Another easy fix. All you have to do is buy a medical-grade gel pack or two and keep them in your freezer. When a headache strikes, wrap them in thin cotton t-shirts to prevent freezer burn and let them cool your head.

4. Green Apples