Most of us have heard of the many environmental challenges facing our world – global warming, deforestation, increased pollution.  And while it is easy to think that the issue is too big for us to make a difference, that is far from the reality.

Every little bit helps and it all starts with your daily choices, even when it comes to the simple things…like bags.  And that’s why reusable bags are a great place to start.

Replacing snack, food, sandwich and shopping bags with reusable alternatives is a smart decision that will ensure you are doing something, even if only a small thing, that will contribute to a better world.

As Jeff Bridges says in the video below…

“Plastic is a substance the earth cannot digest.  And every bit of plastic that has ever been created still exists….By refusing disposable plastics you can improve the health of the environment and ocean around us, including human health and animal health”.

Pretty compelling reasons to ditch the plastic in favor of environmentally friendly reusable bags and packaging.  If you need any more convincing, read this article.

Types of Reusable Bags

There are a variety of reusable bags available in different sizes and for a range of uses.  Not only are they available in diverse sizes, there are loads of fantastic designs with lots of lively colors and patterns to choose from.  This makes them both nice to look at while being very practical.  They are particularly appealing to kids.

With their great