Witch hazel for skinWhen it comes to improving your skin health there are loads of natural skin care products that can help.  Essential oils, carrier oils (like coconut), homemade moisturizers and other ingredients are all great.

But one of the most popular ‘natural’ skin care products out there is witch hazel, and for good reason. It is inexpensive, easy to find, and has so many uses.

I’ve been using witch hazel since my teenage years.  It was the perfect toner for my oily skin and it always made my skin feel ‘clean’ without stripping it of natural oils.  Today I still use it but have to share it with my daughter who has also become a big fan.

Not only is witch hazel great for skin, it is a handy addition to any medicine cabinet.

Here we’ll take a close look at witch hazel, how it can be used for skin care and where to buy it.